A Book with Breakfast

English Language learners at Francis C. Hammond Middle School knew how important literacy was. Yet they saw that most of their peers did not choose to read regularly. How could they encourage their peers to read more? Students decided to start a reading challenge during their advisory time at school. The first thing students had to figure out was how to get books. Students requested and received books from InspireLit and Communities in Schools, and the Hammond PTA contributed a pizza party to the winning class. Students advertised the challenge, collected and distributed books and generated excitement about literacy! While school closures due to COVID-19 prevented the challenge from continuing, students were able to develop important skills around collaboration, creativity and citizenship.

Cohort member: Shanel Norwood

Students: English Language learners in 8th grade at Francis C. Hammond Middle School

Essential Question: How do we improve literacy for our peers?


8.1 The student will participate in, collaborate in, and report on small-group learning activities.

8.2 The student will develop and deliver multimodal, interactive presentations collaboratively and individually.

8.9 The student will find, evaluate, select, and synthesize appropriate resources to produce a research product.