November CivicTREK Workshop: 5Cs and Preparation & Planning

The teachers in our CivicTREK 2019-2020 cohort came together last week for our third professional learning session of the year. Cohort highlights include a focus on the 5Cs of deeper learning, building a toolkit of resources and strategies to support Project-Based Learning, and developing a network of support as we implement service-learning across schools. Here’s a synoposis of our training:

  • Teachers emphasized their commitment to both academic (SOL) and 21st Century (5 C) standards in their CivicTREK programs by identifying which standards they have planned to integrate into their developing project-based learning work.
  • A deep-dive activity into the Profile of a Virginia Graduate/5 C’s helped teachers better understand why and how to create lesson plans and activities that provide students with skill development in Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication, Creative Thinking, and Citizenship.
  • Teachers began to consider how they will assess student learning and progress towards standards and project goals, reviewing examples of high-quality culminating products.
  • Participants explored a variety of resources and examples that they could use to help their students Prepare and Plan their project development. Sample resource activities will help students learn:
    • how to design and conduct a survey;
    • how to organize project elements in a time line, and assign roles in a work plan;
    • how to identify, reach out to, interview, and engage a project-related community partner; and
    • how to reflect thoughtfully throughout the project development.
  • Planned work time included mini-workshop opportunities to explore additional strategies, such as academic language supports for English Language Learner students, and online research strategies
  • The day’s conclusion reinforced the supportive professional learning network that CivicTREK incorporates, as teachers each posed a particular challenge to a Consultancy trio

Great work by a fantastic group of ACPS educators!

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