Justice For All

This is a 5th grade digital illustration lesson connecting student interests, activism, social justice & citizenship. This year students learned about the late John Lewis and were inspired by his activism to end racism. Students brainstorm social justice topics they are passionate about and create posters advocating for their topic of choice using ProCreate digital illustration tools on the iPad. Students print and share their posters with their school & broader community (City Hall, Alexandria Black History Museum, etc.)

Teacher: Abigail Dillingham

Students: 5th Graders at James K. Polk Elementary

Driving Question: How can art change the world? How can we create art to fight for social justice?


5.2  The student will apply a creative process for artmaking:

a) Apply steps of the creative process, including brainstorming, researching, preliminary sketching, planning, reflecting, and refining, to synthesize ideas for and create works of art.

b) Use specific criteria to self-evaluate a finished product.

5.7 The student will describe how artists contribute to society.

The 5Cs:

Citizenship: What issues in society are important to me?

Communication: Can I talk to others about what is important to me?

Creative thinking: How can I show what is important to me visually in a poster?