CivicTREK Virtual Showcase

Congratulations to the teachers who completed this year’s CivicTREK cohort! We gathered virtually on June 10th to reflect, share success stories and challenges, and commit ourselves to continuing the service-learning journey in ACPS. While the closure of school buildings due to COVID-19 presented many challenges, it also provided an opportunity to connect in new ways and think more deeply about the meaning of community.

Dr. Hutchings shared a congratulatory video message with teachers and emphasized the importance of connecting students to their communities and meaningful learning:


Each teacher shared highlights and reflections about their experience this year. A consistent theme that emerged was the centrality of student voice in the experience and how students, from kindergarten through high school, became engaged in selecting an issue that they cared about and took ownership of developing and enacting solutions. 

The CivicTREK process built community connections and academic skills this year through many experiences. ACPS students:

  • Reduced loneliness by becoming pen pals with residents of a senior center;
  • Spread powerful social justice messages through artistic creation;
  • Developed a Community Walk of the Ethiopian community to build a more inclusive and culturally responsive environment;
  • Led the learning for younger students in their schools as mentors and guides;
  • Contributed to the City of Alexandria’s Children and Youth Master Plan process;
  • Generated creative solutions and plans to make their schools safer, more welcoming, and community-focused;
  • And so many more!

ACPS School Board member Meagan Alderton provided an inspiring call to civic action for our students:


Our celebration ended with a reflective moment to think about the spirit of CivicTREK and how to continue to share it with others to develop more connected and authentic classrooms, schools, and communities.

We appreciate the incredible dedication and passion of CivicTREK teachers and students! We can’t wait to continue this vital work with you.

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