Kids Helping Kids In Need of Defense

Kids In Need of Defense (KIND) a leading national organization that works to ensure that no refugee or immigrant child faces immigration court alone. I will have my students reach out to these immigrants by writing letters of their own experiences and provide them hope and motivation and hold fundraisers and donation centers to collect money and toys.

Cohort Member: Diana Arja

Students: 7th grade English Language Learner students at George Washington Middle School in their U.S. History class

Essential questions:

Why did immigrants come to the U.S.? What conditions did they face when they arrived?
How were immigrants treated? What challenges did they face?


United States History: 1865-present
USII.1  The student will demonstrate skills for historical thinking, geographical analysis, economic decision making, and responsible citizenship by:
b) analyzing and interpreting geographic information to determine patterns and trends in US history
c) interpreting charts, graphs, and pictures to determine characteristics of people, places or events
in US history
i) identify the rights and responsibilities of citizenship and the ethical use of material or intellectual
j) investigating and researching to develop products orally and in writing