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Google forms provide a way to collect information (surveys, quizzes, questionnaires) from a variety of participants (parents, students, teachers, staff). Create a form within Google forms and the data you collect will automatically populate onto a Google Sheets spreadsheet to help you organize and make meaning of the data you collect!

Students can self-assess (or assess each other) using the criterion-based rubrics or checklists built in Google Forms. When students take on the role of assessor, they provide feedback to each other, while gaining insight into ways they can improve their own performance. Students can also use the resulting data sheet to track their growth (as a writer, as a scientist) over time.

A Google Apps for Education account is a Google Account created and managed by a school for use by students and educators. When creating this account, the school may provide Google with certain personal information about its students and educators, including, for example, a user’s name, email address, and password. Google may also collect personal information directly from users of Google Apps for Education accounts, such as telephone number or a profile photo added to the Apps for Education account.

Google also collects information based on the use of our services. This includes:

  • device information, such as the hardware model, operating system version, unique device identifiers, and mobile network information including phone number of the user
  • log information, including details of how a user used our service, device event information, and the user’s Internet protocol (IP) address
  • location information, as determined by various technologies including IP address, GPS, and other sensors
  • unique application numbers, such as application version number
  • cookies or similar technologies which are used to collect and store information about a browser or device, such as preferred language and other settings.

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