Recommended Users: Teachers Grades 4-12 (for managing student users)

Content Areas: All

To Access This Tool: https://www.teacherdashboard.com/#/login

Also Available:
Chrome App 

Chromebook Compatible: YES

Account Information: ACPS-Issued Account

Getting Started: Hapara’s How To Guides

Hapara’s Dashboard allows teachers to manage student users with Google Apps. Similar to previously used tools like Dyknow and SMARTSync, Hapara provides easy access and visibility to learners’ work and allows teachers to view a quick summary of learner progress across Google Apps for Education and Gmail organized by classes and subjects.

Additionally, teachers can organize learners into groups and provide individual feedback and support to improve skills and mastery of topics as well as share documents, assignments and resources quickly with individual learners, groups and the whole class.

What we DO:
✔ Collect limited personal information from users (for learners, this is first name, last name, and school- provided Google Apps For Education email address).
✔ Require learners and teachers to have Google Apps For Education accounts set up by the school.
✔ Help some schools create those Google accounts.
✔ Use HTTPS (SSL) to protect our entire site.
✔ Disclose clearly in our privacy policy what learner information we collect and the limited ways that information is used or shared with third parties (e.g., to understand how we can improve our products).
✔ Maintain a comprehensive security program – made up of administrative, technical, and physical safeguards – that is designed to protect learner information.
✔ Gather information about which parts of our software are used and by whom, to improve that software for users.
✔ Appoint our COO as our Chief Privacy Officer, to ensure all departments are accountable to the Chief Privacy Officer.
✔ Regularly hire security professionals to test our systems as hackers would.

What we DON’T do:
✖ Collect, use, or disclose sensitive learner information, such as social security numbers or home addresses; all that’s asked for from learners is a first and last name.
✖ Sell or rent user information to third parties.
✖ Interact with GPS or camera functions on learner devices.
✖ Collect, use, or share learner information for non-educational purposes.
✖ Retain and utilize user information after a school cancels their subscription. Users own their own data, not Hapara.
✖ Permit individuals not affiliated with a school or Hapara Technical Support to access or view information about a learner.
✖ Permit individuals not affiliated with a school to communicate with learners.
✖ Provide a new way for learners to send private communications to other learners.
✖ Make material changes to our privacy policy without first providing users with notice and allowing them choices.

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