Alexandria Earth Day ~ April 20

EARTH DAY is coming soon…..

Saturday, April 20 – Alexandria City Earth Day 10-2pm “Every Drop Counts” is the theme.

Students are encouraged to showcase water through artistic talents. The categories are: literature (poems/essays), fashion, visual arts (painting/photography) and the performing arts (music/dance). Water is essential for life on Earth. Possible sources of inspiration: rain/snow, rivers, pollution, animals, oceans, cooking, atoms, mermaids, tides, water cycle, potable water, irrigation, fires, transportation and recreation.

General Rules for Showcase

  1. It has to be fun
  2. Use what you’ve got. No new materials!
  3. Nothing dangerous (ie. No sharp objects)
  4. Collaboration among a group of students is allowed.
  5. All students must write a short description of their entry that will be read while it is being showcased at the event.
  6. Adults can help assemble, but students must design the projects.
  7. Submissions, with artists’ and parents’ permission, may be posted on the Alex Earth Day website.

Poem/Essay Rules

  • Literature entries may be a work of fiction or nonfiction. The entry must relate to the theme “Water: Every drop counts”.
  • Entries must not exceed 500 words
  • Entries may be handwritten or typed. Students may dictate to another person who may print or type the exact words spoken by the student.
  • Entries are to reflect grade-level appropriate grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
  • Print on recycled paper
  • The performer (reader) does not necessarily need to be the author of the piece.


  • No new materials may be used. Use things from your home and school like old clothes, recycled paper and plastic bags, etc…
  • Partial recycled outfits are permitted (such as a shirt/blouse made of recycled material over jeans)
  • Not necessarily recycled base clothing permitted (such as tights or a plan T-shirt)
  • Designers of garments do not need to be the model
  • The entry must relate to the theme “Water: Every Drop Counts”

Visual Arts

  • All entries must be original, student work
  • No new materials may be used. Use things from your house and school like newspapers, magazines, crayons, markers, etc…
  • Use of copyrighted material is NOT acceptable in any submission (ie. Princesses, sponge bob)
  • Prints should be mounted on a cardboard mat, poster board, or other sturdy material
  • Pieces will be displayed on tables during the Earth Day event along with the description and judged from the table
  • The entry must relate to the theme “Water: Every Drop Counts”

Performing Arts

  • A music entry may be for voice, instruments or a combination
  • A dance entry choreography must be the work of one or a group of students and must demonstrate creativity
  • The entry must relate to the theme “Water: Every Drop Counts”

Alexandria Earth Day information

Information about the Earth Day fashion Show

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