Kurt Moser visits from Earth Force

On Friday, March 1 the Environmental Class was fortunate to have Mr. Kurt Moser from the non-profit, Earth Force, visit. Earth Force’s philosophy is to engage young people as active citizens who improve the environment and their communities now and in the future. “At Earth Force, we are passionate about youth finding their voice and assuming leadership roles in solving environmental problems“.   For more information about Earth Force

Mr. Kurt Moser led a lively discussion on the causes of global warming, sustainable energy systems in place at Polk and frog mutations. He shared a story from National Geographic. You can read it here – A Flurry of Frog Legs. The students have decided that they are interested in Saving the Frogs after two first graders gave a passionate speech on why we should help the frogs. To learn more about saving the frogs and why they are becoming extinct






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