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Our first tour of the Greenovation Lab and the pipe room


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Solar panels at Polk

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Our Greenovation Lab – Day 1

ObjectiveStudents in the after-school environmental class will research the sustainable energy systems in place at James K. Polk and create online videos and presentations. Once these presentations are created the students will generate a QR code for each system. Students, staff and visitors for the James K Polk Greenovation Lab will have the opportunity to learn about our solar panels, geothermal heating and cooling, and our green roof in a fun, interactive way by scanning these codes with an ipad. The QR codes will be placed on the wall alongside each component. In addition, the students will help design the murals, signs, props and interactive models for the Geenovation lab. ACPS funded the mini ipads and other items through the 2012-13 DreamFund, THANK YOU!!! 


ACPS Strategic Goal: We Believe In Environmental Stewardship

*A healthy environment is critical to our future.

*We think green, build green, teach green, and live green.

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