Connecting and Communicating

I am looking forward to our next meeting on Tuesday, January 22nd at 7:30pm EST (Wednesday, January 23rd at 3:00AM GMT), for your time zone, click here. Please note, this is a change from the original schedule. Thank you all for shifting your schedules around so that we can meet on a Tuesday/Wednesday this time around.

Chapters Three and Four begin to really get into the urgency of providing digital opportunities for our students to connect with other classrooms and communication effectively. There is a tremendous amount of information about how to become a connected teacher: push and pull technology, developing a PLN (Personal Learning Network), using social bookmarking. If you are new to these ideas, don’t get overwhelmed. Pick one thing you want to start using. If you can, begin before Tuesday night so you can ask questions and share experiences with the group. Chapter Three and Four also give lots of ideas about how to start getting students connected. I’m looking forward to listening to what teachers have already tried and how we can support each other as we move from collaboration in our classrooms to collaboration with other classrooms.

Please add thoughts or quotes or questions to this blog as you read – we can follow up in our live sessions. And if you are just stumbling across this project – please join us – more voices make us a more vibrant

learning community.



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