School Board member Mr. Abdel Elnoubi visits the IA

On Thursday, May 12, 2022, during lunch, IA leadership was hosting Mr. Abdel-Rahman Elnoubi. Two days before the meeting, IA leaders were hanging out flyers all around the third floor so that students could come to meet Mr. Abdel-Rahman Elnoubi, one of the school board members. Our meeting was in room A302. We started with the introduction of Mr. Abdel-Rahman Elnoubi and then he started to talk about his experiences and his job. He shared his inspirational story with IA students. He also explained how the school system functions. At the end, we had about 10 minutes for our IA students to ask questions from Abdel Al Noubi. We all used this opportunity and had an open discussion with Mr. Abdel-Rahman Elnoubi . This meeting was a great opportunity for all of the IA students to get motivated and inspired!