Leadership Visits Hammond


On March, 25th, 2022 IA student leadership went to Hammond Middle School. The student leaders who were participating in the persentitton were; Anna Rayes, Fayaz Naqahibandi, Marwa Naqshbandi, Hosai Rasuli, Mubara Mayar, Samia Mers, Reem Abuzaid, and Zahra Rahimi. Our sponsors were two teachers; Ms. Jacqueline Rice and Mr. Gabriel Elias.

Our goal in holding this presentation was to give a clue to middle school students about how High School looks like and how things work there so that it may be a step toward their path as leaders! We moved from our school to Hammond Middle School at 10 am. We used a Van for transportation. As we reached there, the teachers who were responsible for getting us in gave us a tour of the school. As we finished that and it was time for the presentation we all went to the place of the presentation.

The Spanish presentation took place in Room E208. The students who were participating in this presentation were Anna Reyes.

After we finished these presentations, we all went to a room and had our lunches. We had Pizza and Juices for our lunches. We all were sitting around a table, and as we were having our lunches we were sharing each other’s cultures. Once again we were enjoying the diversity that we had and will always have! After we finished our lunches, we went to give another presentation. We only gave the presentation in English. This presentation took place in the auditorium.

The Dari language presentation was in Room B200. The students who were presenting were Marwa Naqshbandi, Hosai Rasuli, and Zahra Rahimi.

Our presentation included slides about leaders and leadership qualities, how high school and students are, experiences from students and the last part was opened to middle schoolers to ask every question they had. They would write it on a notecard, and then the student leaders would bring it to the speaker and the speaker would read the question and each student leader could answer it. At the end of the questions we would choose three student’s names that had asked a question from us and they would win a leadership T-Shirt. The presentation also included a video that our own students in the high school made about the International Academy and Alexandria city High School. They all answered some questions in the video and introduced the IA.

After we finished the presentation, it was finally time to go. Ms. Shanmuganathan gave each of the leaders some gifts so that we all felt welcome! We reached back to school on our last period of our class. It was a really wonderful experience for all of the International students Leadership students! It is all worth the days and nights that we all spent and put work together so that we can help others in the path that we are going and have a finaminan experience.