Gearing Up for Our First Virtual Book Club Meeting!

I am looking forward to our first Virtual Book Club meeting on Monday, January 7th, 7:30PM EST (that’s Tuesday at 3:00AM GMT), for your time zone, click here.

We will be discussing the first two chapters of the book Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds by Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis.  There are several things you can do to get ready for our first meeting:

1) Sign up! If you haven’t already, please complete this form to indicate your interest.

2) Get the book! There are links here to various ways of purchasing and/or downloading the book:

3) Begin reading! We will discuss chapters one and two during our first meeting. Chapter One is titled Flattening Classrooms Through Global Collaboration and Chapter Two is titled Impact on Learning: Research in the Global Collaboration Classroom.  These two chapters make a passionate case for the need for global projects and why they are so effective.

4) Share while reading! As you read and you have thoughts, ideas, questions, insights. Please share them here! I will have a post for each chapter where you can add comments as you read. If you are e-reading, go ahead and Tweet as you read. This is a great way to share with the authors and others the ideas you find most compelling as you read.

5) Take a moment to make sure your computer is ready for our first virtual session. This page by Blackboard Collaborate lets you check your computer to make sure you have all the software you need.

Looking forward to learning and sharing with you!