Chapter 3

Chapter Three is titled Step One: Connection. Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay make the case in this chapter for establishing Personal Learning Networks using push and pull technology in order to connect with the world. Having done this, teachers can begin considering how global projects fit into their classroom and curriculum and student lives.

As Julie (Virtual Book Club member) says in her post:

“‘It all starts with you. The teacher sets the tone for learning by being a willing participant in the learning process.’ (page 33) I continued reading the rest of the chapter with those words resonating in my head.”

As you read this chapter, take some time to explore new technologies or new resources that you encounter. If you agree with Vicki and Julie that “Teachers aren’t just a source of information, they are also co-travelers and coaches on the learning journey,” then jump in and begin learning. Consider committing to the Flat Classroom 15 and set up an RSS feed or blog. It is by creating connections yourself that you will pave the way for your students to become networked, global thinkers and learners.

Have you already embarked on this journey? If so, what are some of your favorite tools for staying connected? Share a link to your blog so that we can connect with you. Give some advice to novices trying to create their PLN.

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  4. Hi All,

    I’m still developing my personal PLN and am working on more actively contributing to my blog ( is the current one and is the old). However, my tips for developing a PLN:

    1. Create a brand, logo and motto (still working on this one). I have the mrbrenlea handle and use it for every site that I sign up with professional. Want to find me on twitter @mrbrenlea, Flickr MrBrenLea, gmail, Vimeo mrbrenlea. You get the point. Also my avatar is one that is simple picture of myself with a sketch filter over it. I use this everywhere I go.

    2. On your blog or website provide a link to your other online presences. On my site I devoted a separate tab for this and created a Symballoo account and embed the sheet onto my page (I think it looks nicer than just a list (although I will update with better logo pictures during the March Break).

    3. If you are on Twitter go to get yourself a third party client that allows you to organize the flow of information. My personal favorite is HootSuite. I use it daily to help keep myself updated on what is going on and can easily swap between streams ( a time saver).

    4. Organize your RRS feed so that it makes sense to you. I have been sloppy with mine but I’ve come to realize that my current system doesn’t work for me anymore and I need to revamp and rework how I set it up. With blogs feel free to comment you never know if the person might be someone who turns into a collaborative partner.


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