Chapter 10 is critical for anyone who is ready, willing, and able to start a global collaborative project. This chapter outlines specific planning ideas, steps to take and strategies to consider. While it might feel overwhelming when you are first starting a project to think through all of these pieces, Vicki and Julie know from experiences that these are exactly the questions you need to be asking yourself.

If you aren’t ready to start your own project just yet, reading through this chapter will help you better understand the construction of established global projects you may want to join. Seeing the thought process that goes into designing and managing a global collaborative project makes participation in a global project more meaningful.

Another highlight of this chapter for those of you that are new to global projects is a listing of organization and networks that support global projects. These are go to spaces for anyone ready to get started!

As you read this chapter – what would you add as advice or what questions does it leave you with?

  • If you have already run a global project, what went well that you would recommend to others?
  • If you have an idea for a global project, what help do you need getting started?
  • If you’d like to begin by joining a global project that already exists, what help do you need getting started?

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