Chapter 4

“They are posting (protected) public comments and are learning what is too personal, taking the time to express themselves in writing at their best and how to thoughtfully respond to another person. In essence, [they are learning] how to communicate effectively. And this was just the first day…”

Nancy Von Wahlde, Prague, Czech Republic, Elementary Flat Classroom Project 2010

Chapter Four is titled Step Two: Communication and provides perspective for building teacher and student online communication skill. This is a chapter that I need to read over and over because it is so packed with helpful information and viewpoints. For one, I love the term “technopersonal” that is used to describe communication between people where technology is used as a channel. We all have stories to tell about when we (or someone else) lacked technopersonal skills and an email, post, or tweet was misinterpreted. Our students need opportunities to develop their technopersonal skills as well, especially in school with our guidance.

What advice from Chapter Four did you find most insightful or helpful? Which guidelines did you realize you need to develop for yourself? For your students? What additional suggestions do you have for honing technopersonal skills?


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