Chapter 8

What have you created lately?

Did you share it?

Did anyone else help you make it?

Creation and co-creation are powerful skills that will allow students to flourish in the 21st century. Whether it’s programming, filming, animating, blogging, video blogging, mixing, remixing, wiki-ing, publishing, video casting, podcasting or something I haven’t heard of it, these are the processes that harness students creativity, flex their planning and communication skills, and result content creation that far surpasses any standardized test result.

In this chapter, Julie and Vicki challenge us to create, co-create and share as professionals. The more experience the power of creation, the more we can do with our students.

In what ways have you created, co-created and shared?

In what ways have your students created, co-created and shared?

What has been successful for you in these projects? What has challenged you?

2 thoughts on “Chapter 8

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  2. Creation again has always been difficult for me. I personally do not feel comfortable creating digital media (though get me in a theatre and it’s a different story). My students are much better. As this is my first year at my current school I didn’t want to push too hard to put students out there online. However, this is one of my goals for next year as the IT facilitator (with at least one grade level). Does anyone have any tips on working with resistant teachers and parents when it comes to publishing information in open spaces? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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