Students Connecting Students to Community Resources

Students work with Communities in Schools to assist in helping peers receive important resources necessary for school and life outside of school. Classes from Francis C. Hammond Middle School and George Washington Middle School will collaborate to bring awareness of the resources offered by Communities in Schools to both middle schools. Students will gain an understanding about the needs of their peers and help those peers receive necessities that many people take for granted. Students will create a pamphlet for fellow students, parents, and even teachers to provide awareness of this terrific resource we have right in the school. Students may also host a drive for either food, personal hygienic supplies (toothbrushes, deodorant, etc.), school supplies, or whatever CIS needs during the springtime.

Cohort Member: Jeffrey Carroll and Javaughn Perkins

Students: 6th grade U.S. History students at Francis C. Hammond Middle School and 8th grade Civics students at George Washington Middle School

Essential questions:

How do individuals work together to bring about change? (US 6)
What are the needs of my fellow peers?
How can I become a productive citizen?
How do economic conditions influence the distribution of power, wealth, and status? (US 5)
How does where we live affect how we live? (US 5)


United States History to 1865

USI.1      The student will demonstrate skills for historical thinking, geographical analysis, economic decision making, and responsible citizenship by

i)    practicing good citizenship through collaboration and identifying the ethical use of material or intellectual property; and

j)    investigating and researching, using a variety of media, to develop products orally and in writing.

Click here to view of video of students explaining their project