How to Enter School Safely

Throughout the year, we have talked about how the pandemic has affected our lives inside and outside of the classroom. As we begin to think about how to go back to normal life, our students created plans to return to school safely.

Teachers: Heather Altobelli and Kaitlyn Torres

Students: Second-grade students at Jefferson-Houston PreK-8 I.B. School

Driving Question: How can we promote change in our community to educate ourselves and others about COVID and the best ways to learn during the pandemic? 

Standards of Learning:

  • ELA 2.10, 2.12: Writers can collect and organize information from multiple sources to share important knowledge with their community.
  • Social Studies 2.11: The student will explain the responsibilities of a good citizen.

The 5Cs:

  • Critical thinking: Students asked questions about Covid/ the pandemic and what are ways we can keep ourselves and others safe
  • Collaboration: Hybrid learners worked together to create posters for their schools to remind others to follow CDC guidelines
  • Creative Thinking: Students used different platforms to send their message
  • Citizenship: Students actively educated community to stay safe, followed CDC guidelines to keep themselves and others safe
  • Communication: Students communicated with the community and school about concerns and solutions to learning during a pandemic