Super Team created a virtual “fun fitness fundraiser” for their classmates with challenging physical “Minute to Win It” challenges.  Students got sponsors to donate for every challenge they performed through their fundraising website.  Physical education equipment is purchased for schools in need with 100% of student-raised funds.

Teacher: Kevin McGrath

Students: Charles Barrett Elementary School physical education students

Driving Question: Is it equity when some students have an abundance of P.E. equipment & others have close to none, but are expected to receive the same education?

Standards of Learning:

1e: Describe the benefits of rest, sleep, and a physically active lifestyle.

3s: Identify possible solutions for a community health issue and volunteer opportunities to address the issue.

The 5Cs:

  • We did critical thinking on how to create a schoolwide physically active event without actually being together in person.
  • We met every Monday to brainstorm ideas and problem solve obstacles we came across.
  • Communication and collaboration: Each student had the opportunity to have their voice heard during discussions, Jamboards & group messages.
  • Creativity was at the forefront because we were creating our first ever virtual event, so we had to find ways of getting people active in their own homes
  • The whole project was based on fundraising towards making a positive difference in the lives of students just like them by providing the equipment needed to have a fully functional physical education program.