PenPals: Six-Year-Olds and Seniors


First grade English Language Learners wrote letters to pen pals at a senior center and continued a correspondence throughout the year, reducing loneliness in the senior community and also learning their writing standards. 

Cohort member: Mary Reuter

Students: 1st grade English Language Learners at Cora Kelley School for Math, Science and Technology

Essential Question: How can we reduce loneliness in our school and our community?

Writing Standards: 

1.13 The student will write to communicate ideas for a variety of purposes. 
b) Focus on one topic. 
g) Share writing with others. 
1.14 The student will use available technology for reading and writing. 

Oral Language Standards:

1.1 The student will continue to demonstrate growth in the use of oral language.
e) Express ideas orally in complete sentences. 

1.3 The student will adapt or change oral language to fit the situation.
a) Initiate conversation with peers and adults.