Buna Ineteta- Let’s Drink Coffee- Ethiopian Community Walk

The students within the Ethiopian and Eritrean club at T.C. Williams high school came together and discussed their experience as students in ACPS. They shared a unified connection and desire to create a more inclusive, equitable and culturally responsive environment and recognized one of the ways to create that was through educating their community about their heritage and background. The students then began working on a plan in partnership with (ACPS) Family and Community Engagement Center (FACE) and various businesses and individuals from the community in order to capture the lived experiences of the Ethiopian community within the City of Alexandria. Students did research, contacted and connected with individuals in the community, and planned a community walk which allowed staff to develop cultural competency.

Cohort member: Eden Buba

Students: Members of TC Williams Ethiopian and Eritrean Club

Essential Question: How can we increase the cultural competency of ACPS staff?

Targeted skills: Communication, Collaboration and Citizenship