Student Leaders Making Change

Students in Alicia Cordero’s student leadership course have always been a part of planning school events. This year she challenged them to identify a community need that they could address as well. Students were asked to consider the role of apathy in high school and commit themselves to stretching beyond this to find a way to make a difference in their school and community.

Cohort Member: Alicia Cordero

Students: High School students in TC Williams school leadership course

Essential Questions:

What are the Characteristics, Roles, and Responsibilities of a Leader?
How can students develop their Leadership Skills?
Why are the skills of Managing Meetings, Time, and Resources important to effective leaders?
How is Communicating in the Workplace essential to Strong Leadership?
How do we effectively transfer these skill to enhance the Alexandria community, not just the school community?


(1) Addressing Elements of Student Life;
(2) Identifying the Characteristics, Roles and Responsibilities of a Leader;
(3) Developing Leadership Skills;
(4) Practice Problem Solving;
(5) Managing Meetings, Time and Resources;
(6) Communicating in the Workplace;
(7) and Exploring Opportunities for Leadership.

Civics/C3 Standards:
The student will demonstrate mastery of the social studies skills responsible citizenship.
The student will demonstrate knowledge of personal character traits that facilitate thoughtful and effective
participation in civic life.
The student will understand that thoughtful and effective participation in civic life.

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