The Solar System Speaks

One challenge sixth graders at George Washington Middle School face is making science exciting for themselves and others. Students took on this challenge by creating a mural of the solar system that lasts the length of their hallway. Students then made voice recordings of themselves sharing interesting facts about different planets that will be available via QR codes posted on the mural. Students are also authoring and designing books that they will read and share with local elementary students. This chance to create products that will be shared beyond the classroom has helped them serve their school and area schools as well. Indispensable during this project was Mr. Elkin Rodriguez, Ms. McNutt’s teacher partner who, while not a member of the Service Learning Cohort, spent many hours helping students paint and record. 

Cohort Member: Desiree McNutt

Students: 6th grade Science students at George Washington Middle School

Essential Question: How can we describe the relative movement of the planets? What happens when art and science collide?


Science 6.8 The student will investigate and understand the organization of the solar system and the interactions among the various bodies that comprise it. Key concepts include
a) the sun, moon, Earth, other planets and their moons, dwarf planets, meteors, asteroids, and comets;
b) relative size of and distance between planets