The Heroes of Our Lives

To prepare for this project, students learned about the “Hero’s Journey” from their reading of The Odyssey in their Epics Unit for English 9. Using what they knew about heroes and their journeys, students took time to conduct group research on a local “modern” hero, Earl Lloyd. Doing this, students were given the chance to consider how a modern hero may function differently than the classic example of a hero and the “hero’s journey” put forth in Homer’s epic. Then, using  local resources such as the Alexandria African American Hall of Fame and the Virginia Changemakers database, students proposed modern, relatively unknown heroes to research. After this, the goal was for students to create an audio/visual presentation for their hero, so we could give the community access to a compilation of these inspiring people.

Teacher: Mr. Sean Fredericks

Students: Students in English 9, Minnie Howard Campus of Alexandria City High School

Driving Question: How can we identify and celebrate everyday heroes, or heroes from our own lives?

Standards of Learning:

Research: 9.8 – The student will find, evaluate, and select credible resources to create a research product.


The 5Cs:

Collaboration – Together, students researched a local hero from our community and reflected on the true meaning of what it means to be a hero. 

Critical Thinking – Students used a familiar concept, the hero’s journey, and reflected on its application and relevance with regards to heroes today.

Communication – Students planned multimedia projects to present their hero. 

Citizenship – Students researched the figures from their lives and local communities that had a significant impact on their lived experience.

Creativity – Students planned on creating presentations that uniquely reflected their hero.