Music for a Pandemic

Elementary music students decided to use their musical performances to bring cheer and hope to their community. Students analyzed results of a survey to decide what community the students wanted to help, and then we came up with making video performances of music we thought would help our school community.

Teacher: Leslie Nero

Students: 4th-5th Grade students at James K. Polk Elementary

Driving Question: How can we use our skills as string players to help our community during this time of isolation?


EI.5 The student will identify and demonstrate collaboration and communication skills for music. a) Participate in school performances and community events as appropriate to level, ability, and interest.

EI.7 The student will explore the functions of music, including the use of music as a form of expression, communication, ceremony, and entertainment.

EI.15 The student will demonstrate proper instrumental techniques. 

EI.16 The student will demonstrate musicianship and ensemble skills at a beginning level.

The 5Cs:

Collaboration:  Students needed to agree on songs and the format for submitting them.  Students needed to collaborate on the tempo by all following the same beat.

Communication and Community: The students wanted to communicate how they care for their school community by sharing music with them.

 Critical thinking: The students critique their performances.

Creativity:  Making music is in and of itself a creative act, even if the teacher is sort of directing what happens, each individual brings their unique sound to the music.