Greek Myths and their Meaning for Today

What do kids of today have in common with King Midas, Icarus and Echo? Quite a lot it turns out. George Washington Middle School students staged five Greek myths as plays in-the-round for two different elementary schools in Alexandria and followed their performances with small group lessons. This means that in addition to learning their lines, choosing costumes and practicing entrances and exits, the GW actors needed to think about how these plays still hold meaning today: Be careful what you wish for. He’s just not that into you. Listen to your parents. The elementary schools delighted in the plays and the chance to interact with middle school students.

Cohort Member: Robert McDonough

Students: 6th, 7th and 8th grade students at George Washington Middle School

Essential Question: What can Greek Myths tells us about the Greeks? What can Greek Myths tell us about our live today?


History 3.1 The student will explain how the contributions of ancient Greece and Rome have influenced the
present world in terms of architecture, government (direct and representative democracy), and

Theater Arts 

7.2 The student will communicate ideas in the context of individual and group performances,
demonstrating teamwork, cooperation, and dependability.

7.6 The student will practice theatre etiquette and analyze the role of the audience as integral to the
performance experience.