Prexie Robotics Shares STEM

The Prexie Robotics team: First Lego League, VEX IQ, and Seaperch team members wanted to share their passion for STEM. They took a two prog approach to doing this: mentorship of teams and attending outreach events.

Driving Question: 
Why is the US short on STEM professionals?

6th, 7th, and 8th students at George Washington Middle School

Richard Clemmons

Career and Technical Education: Workplace Readiness Skills, Engineering Design Process, and Technology’s impact on society

The 5Cs:
Citizenship Skills: How did we consistently mature our citizen skills as we shared our passion for STEM through robotics?
Creative Thinking: How did we think outside of the box to share our passion for STEM through robotics?
Communication Skills: How did we communicate to achieve our goals?
Collaboration Skills: How did we work together to mentor teams and to conduct outreach in the community?
Critical Thinking Skills: How can we share our passion for STEM?