Special Education Resources for Families

Documenting Educational Advocacy Using Interdisciplinary Secondary Special Education Transition

Students explored the history of disability advocacy and developed a “pop-up” exhibit of resources and materials about individuals with disabilities and how they have advocated for policies that protect individual rights. Through the project, students learned and practiced employment-based skills and created a lasting resource for their community.

Cohort Member: Joy Newman

Students: High school students in the Special Education Department at TC Williams, King St

Essential Questions:

How do communities process the strengths and needs of individuals with disabilities?
How do communities include students with disabilities as lifelong residents and participants?,
How do communities make connections between students with disabilities and other community groups?


ELA 11.5 The student will read and analyze a variety of nonfiction texts.
ELA 11.8 The student will analyze, evaluate, synthesize, and organize information from a variety of sources to produce a research product.
VUS.1 The student will demonstrate skills for historical and geographical analysis and responsible citizenship