Proportions and Recycling

Math students at Francis C. Hammond Middle School were distraught that items were not being recycled at school. Using their math skills in proportions, they estimated how much waste they generated and calculated how much waste that meant might be generated by the school  Students also researched the impact of waste on the environment and began coming up with ways that more waste could be recycled in their school. This involved identifying leaders in their community that could help make a difference as well as  developing marketing materials that would convince their peers to recycle, teaching their peers what they can and cannot recycle, and creating a recycling program within their school. 

Cohort member: Katrina Ford

Students: 7th grade Math students at the International Academy at Francis C. Hammond Middle School

Essential Question: How much waste does the world create and what can we do about it?


Math 7.4: The student will solve single-step and multistep practical problems, using proportional reasoning.

Math 7.12 The student will represent relationships with tables, graphs, rules, and words.

Math 7.11 The student, given data for a practical situation, will
a) construct and analyze histograms; and
b) compare and contrast histograms with other types of graphs presenting information