A Dream Discovered: Student Leaders Making An Impact

We aid the community by helping others become better leaders. We develop other leaders by building a strong community, online and in-person (when possible). We noticed that students needed help to navigate classes and the new hybrid system. We have created a leadership group that meets weekly and solves problems in the community. We’ve initiated a number of programs, such as assisting new students in adjusting to their new learning environment during Covid. Financial, food, and academic concerns are just a few examples. We have helped faculty to reach students. Also, we inspire others with speeches and presentations.

Students: T.C. Williams High School International Academy Student Leadership

Teachers: Jacqueline Rice and Gabe Elias

Driving Question: How can we efficiently help our community while simultaneously developing leaders at the same time?

The 5Cs:

  • Collaboration- working together in our groups to solve problems
  • Critical Thinking- looking for different ways to complete our goals and foreseeing barriers that might arise
  • Communication- making videos, TikTok and Presentations to share our messages with students and families
  • Citizenship- making sure we are involved in the community and that all voices are heard
  • Creativity- bringing our unique  ideas to the table