Helping Our Community: Care Packages

Eighth grade students brainstormed community needs as part of their Family and Consumer Science class. Students identified needs such as early literacy, senior living, animal welfare and children with cancer. Students raised funds for and assembled care packages to bring to children with cancer at the Walter Reed Medical Center. 

Cohort member: Sybil Currie-Boyd

Students: 8th grade students at George Washington Middle School, Family and Consumer Science

Essential questions: 

  • How does volunteering in your community and participating in other civic activities demonstrate good citizenship?
  • What factors might influence you to decide that family or community needs are more important than your individual needs?
  • What volunteer opportunities are available in your community?
  • How can volunteering develop a sense of community?

Career and Technical Education Workplace Readiness Skills:

Demonstrate teamwork skills. 
Demonstrate creativity and resourcefulness. 
Demonstrate effective speaking and listening skills.
Demonstrate effective reading and writing skills. 
Demonstrate critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.