A Guide To Parks/ Un Guia de Parques

Third grade students from MVCS are writing a bilingual guide to local parks. The guide will include information about parks the students have visited in addition to science connections and persuasive writing about why parks are important.

Driving question:
How can we connect more people to nature?

Third grade students at Mount Vernon Community School

Rebecca King

3.9 The student will write for a variety of purposes.
a) Identify the intended audience.
b) Use a variety of prewriting strategies.
c) Write a clear topic sentence focusing on the main idea.
d) Write a paragraph on the same topic.
e) Use strategies for organization of information and elaboration according to the type of writing.
f) Include details that elaborate the main idea.
g) Revise writing for clarity of content using specific vocabulary and information.

Critical thinking: students had to come up with ideas and organize information.
Communication skills: students needed to express themselves through informational and persuasive writing and edit writing for clarity
Citizenship skills: act as a steward of and ambassador for nature