Working Together to Create Change

This year, multiple groups of students worked together to create projects that addressed social injustices and to spread more psitive messages about diversity.

Student banner

Those projects include:

  1. Partnering with the Black and Missing Foundation and creat
    ing a social media presence to raise awareness of the missing 
    children of color in our community, and the lack of media coverage.
  2. Organizing a food drive to create 30 snack bags for homeless families living at the Carpenter’s Shelter.
  3. Creating a Gender Stereotypes survey and using the results to educate our school community and spread more positive messages about identity and expression on our social media pages.
  4. Creating a database of the books in our school library that classrooms can use to learn more about religious, ethnic, racial, and cultural diversity within our community.
  5. Designing posters that spread a more positive message about appreciating diversity and to stop the use of the “N word” in our community.
  6. Decorating and distributing kindness rocks with positive affirming messages throughout our community.

kindness rocks

Teacher: Arlette Yonkers


Students: Fourth-grade and fifth-grade students at Lyles-Crouch Traditional Academy

Driving Question: How can we raise awareness of the social inequities that create division in our community, and what can we do to educate and spread more positivity?

Standards of Learning:

  • Research – multimedia resources, validity 
      • Locate, organize, and analyze information from a variety of multimodal texts.
  • Oral Language – preparing and delivering planned presentations
      • Listen actively and speak using appropriate discussion rules.
      • Contribute to group discussions across content areas.
      • Orally summarize information expressing ideas clearly.
      • Ask specific questions to gather ideas and opinions from others.
      • Use evidence to support opinions and conclusions.
      • Connect comments to the remarks of others.
      •  Use specific vocabulary to communicate ideas.
  • Demonstrate the ability to collaborate with diverse teams, while sharing responsibility for the work.
    • Work respectfully with others, and show value for individual contributions.
    • The student will create and deliver multimodal, interactive
    • poster presentations.
    • Locate, organize, and analyze information from a variety of multimodal texts.
    • Speak audibly with appropriate pacing.
    • Use language and style appropriate to the audience, topic, and purpose.
    • Make eye contact with the audience.
    • Ask and answer questions to gather or clarify information presented orally. 
  • Reading – demonstrate comprehension of nonfiction texts
  • Writing – variety of forms

The 5Cs:

Critical Thinking 

  • Connecting the past to the current problem
  • Coming up with new ideas to solve a problem
  • Finding useful information
  • Trying to understand what they’ve learned and still need to know.


  • Working with others in small groups
  • Accepting different ideas
  • Learning from others
  • Making decisions together
  • Taking responsibility for their own work and allowing others to be responsible for theirs


  • Actively listening to others with an open mind
  • Respectfully speaking to others
  • Sharing information by speaking, writing, and mult-media applications
  • Asking questions and sharing ideas
  • Praising and motivating our peers
  • Including the ideas and opinions of others into our project

Creative Thinking 

  • Creating new ideas from our strengths
  • Making changes to improve our ideas
  • Communicating our ideas to others
  • Persevering through challenges
  • Discovering ways to make ideas understood by others


  •  Recognizing our responsibility to promote safe, legal and ethical behavior
  • Understanding what we can do as citizens to address an issue
  • Conducting research that uses a wide range of sources
  • Developing  well supported solutions to an issue
  • Taking action based off of research and collected information