Bridging the Literacy Gap: Lifelong Literacy

Ninth grade students reached out to a senior center to find out what some of their needs were and found out that the library in their center needed updating and renovating. After researching how best to support literacy in adults, specifically the elderly, students launched a book drive to collect a variety of books for a new library at a senior center. Students learned about persuasive language and applied that to create flyers and posters to solicit donations. Students also visited the senior center to paint, install shelving and stock the new library.

Cohort members: LaGina Gross and Pamela Reynolds

Students: 9th grade students at T.C. Williams High School, Minnie Howard Campus

Essential questions: 

How can you increase literacy in your community?
To what extent can you impact change in your community?

English Language Arts Standards:

9.1 The student will make planned oral presentations independently and in small groups.
9.5 The student will read and analyze a variety of nonfiction texts.
9.6 The student will develop narrative, expository, and persuasive writings for a variety of audiences and purposes
9.8 The student will use print, electronic databases, online resources, and other media to access information to create a research product.