Hammond Beautification Project

Inspired by the Progressive Movement, students looked for current problems in their community that they could solve. Student identified that they could make a positive change in their community by beautifying their school restrooms. Students researched other restroom beautification projects, contacted their school engineer about painting on school grounds and designed presentation about how they wanted their school restrooms to look. To organize this project, students took on important roles: videographers, interior designers, graphic artists, painters, engineers, photographers and team leaders to accomplish this project. Not only were students able to improve their school, they were able to make connections to community activists throughout history. Students saw how their work echoed that of WPA projects, civilian action on the homefront during WWII and more.

Cohort Members: Marcia Baynes and Jacci Erney

Students: 7th grade United States History 1865-present at Francis C. Hammond Middle School

Essential question: How does where we learn impact how we learn?


USII 1b The student will demonstrate skills for historical and geographical analysis and responsible
citizenship, including the ability to make connections between the past and the present

USII 4e The student will demonstrate knowledge of how life changed after the Civil War by describing the impact of the Progressive Movement on child labor, working conditions, the rise of organized labor, women’s suffrage, and the temperance movement.