Climate Change

Students made connections to events that demonstrate the impact of climate change, including hurricanes experienced in their home countries. They learned how individual actions can make a difference and created posters to spread the word about how to reduce climate change. They developed English skills and science content knowledge through their projects.

Teacher: Lisa Coughlin

Students: T.C. Williams International Academy Earth Science classes

Driving Questions: How do your actions affect the climate? What is one change you can make to reduce climate change? What is one change your community can make to reduce climate change?

Standards of Learning: Earth Science

  • ES 6: Renewable vs non-renewable resources and
  • ES 11: Origin and evolution of the atmosphere and potential changes to the atmosphere and climate based on human activity. 

The 5Cs:

  • Citizenship: Reflected on how their actions impact others and also changes their community can make to help reduce climate change.
  • Communication: They shared their reflections out through a video.