Communication and CivicTREK – Hearing and Being Heard

Communication “The student communicates effectively orally to inform, influence, motivate, and collaborate with other students, the community, media, and public officials.” Through our CivicTREK projects, we are helping our students meet the Five C’s goals from Profile of a Virginia Graduate such as communication. How can we help students effectively communicate by: Sharing their thoughts, to communicate complex ideas […]

Collaboration and CivicTREK – Finding Opportunities for Equity in Groupwork

Collaboration: “Students work interdependently to achieve common goals while promoting effective teamwork, shared responsibility, flexibility, and mutual respect.” Through our CivicTREK projects, we are helping our students meet the Five C’s goals from Profile of a Virginia Graduate such as collaboration. How can we make sure that we are involving ALL students in the teamwork […]

Making a CivicTREK project real – aligning standards, assessments and creating a timeline

How can a community-focused project experience help students meet specific content-learning goals? Our CivicTREK cohort members responded to this question at our January 9th session, developing assessments and timelines during another workshop in the program’s series of professional development days. CivicTREK teachers: Reviewed the specific SOL or academic goals and “Five C’s” (Profile of a Virginia […]